The Last verses of the poem

A video-Installationby Ali Ettehad Performed by Berkeh Bazri2020 “The Last verses of the poem” is a video-installation about humans’ relationship with nature and more than that with themselves. It is about how we confine each other to the small prisons we make. This video-installation, as its name implies, depicts a poetic connection between “I” and […]


Ensoa video-art by Ali EttehadPerformers: Berkeh Bazri and Moozhan Mohaghegh2020 The video-art piece “Enso” is about the relationship between the sacred matter and nature. About the life cycles through which we perceive the world around us and ultimately create humanity as we understand it today. The name Ensoo came from Zen. In Zen, Enso is […]

مطالعات تطبیقی حکمت، هنر و فرهنگ ایران

دوره‌ی آموزشی «مطالعات تطبیقی حکمت، هنر و فرهنگ ایران» دوره‌ای ترمیک است که در آن به تحلیل فرهنگ، هنر و حکمت ایران به صورت همزمان پرداخته می‌شود. در این دوره‌ی آموزشی به تاریخ به عنوان نموداری سه بعدی و غیر خطی نگاه می‌شود.