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Ali Ettehad is a director, writer, visual and performing artist. He is also an art critic whose articles have been published in many international newspapers and magazines.

Ettehad’s main body of works is RAZVARZI series (from 2007 till now) including video-art, digital media, book, installation, performance art, theater, music and film.
His works are mostly research based and focused on the middle-eastern mysticism and old Persian philosophy. One can find different symbols and elements that come from mythological realm of middle-east in Ali Ettehad’s oeuvre; from Mesopotamia to Cashmere.


Street Fighting Man

Based in Tehran, Ali Ettehad is an artist and curator. Along with his wife, Nikoo Tarkhani (an artist as well), he has been at the forefront of performance art in Iran, and is also one of the better-known names in the country’s contemporary art scene in general. Together, this artist power-couple performs in Tehran, curates exhibitions and performance art series, hosts seminars, and produces films, among other things.

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The fourth Realm

 Parvaneh Etemadiby Ali Ettehad(Contemporary Practices vol.13) Prvaneh Etemadi is an artist who has been always searching for new expressions for representing her ideas. She was born in Birjand (North East of Iran) in 1948. She began to go to school in Tehran; she explains her days at school: “I didn’t like the school; I countervailed the agony of going to school with painting. This amazing game used to be done by pencils and ended up being the comrade of my childhood.”

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