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Ali Ettehad is a director, writer, visual and performing artist. He is also an art critic whose articles have been published in many international newspapers and magazines.

Ettehad’s main body of works is RAZVARZI series (from 2007 till now) including video-art, digital media, book, installation, performance art, theater, music and film.
His works are mostly research based and focused on the middle-eastern mysticism and old Persian philosophy. One can find different symbols and elements that come from mythological realm of middle-east in Ali Ettehad’s oeuvre; from Mesopotamia to Cashmere.


Heirs of Saffron and Salt

Heirs of Saffron and Salt is a documentary series researched and directed by Ali Ettehad. This series is a visual ethnographic project with the goal to preserve and showcase in high video quality the performative and musical heritage of the greater Iran, including but not limited to the current political borders or Iran and many neighboring regions.

Letters Hitched by Wind by Ali Ettehad

Letters Hitched by Wind

A site-specific experimental theaterWritten and directed by Ali Ettehad Tehran, Iran 2022 Photos by Ardalan Ashnagar “Letters Hitched by Wind” is a work that is designed based on the expressive possibilities of performance-art, theater, music, installatio n-art, video-art, interactive-art, dance, ritual and literature. Ali Ettehad, the writer and director of this piece, made this work based on a novel written by himself.  Ali Ettehad: I finished writing the novel “Letters Hitched by Wind” in the late 2017 and it was published in the

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The Fountain of Sun

The Fountain of Sun (A monument in praise of Sun) by Ali Ettehad White marmarait, stone, digital photo print, electronic machinery and water 81x44x44 cm executed 2021-20221/1 + 1 AP The Fountain of Sun, as the name suggests, is an artwork in praise of the sun. Stone cisterns are symbolic objects which represent the connection of water and light. These stone cisterns has been in ancient Mithraic temples, Various religions of Anahita (the essence of water) and then found their ways

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Bushasp Podcast, an audio theater by Ali Ettehad
With collaboration of 366 Performing Arts Group

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Do you remember?

“Do you remember?” It was the title of a video-installation that was installed for three years in the public space of Tehroon Café (Tehran, Iran).

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