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Letters Hitched by Wind by Ali Ettehad
Performing Arts

Letters Hitched by Wind

A site-specific experimental theaterWritten and directed by Ali Ettehad Tehran, Iran 2022 Photos by Ardalan Ashnagar “Letters Hitched by Wind” is a work that is designed based on the expressive possibilities of performance-art, theater, music, installatio n-art, video-art, interactive-art, dance, ritual and literature. Ali Ettehad, the writer and director of this

Visual Arts

The Fountain of Sun

The Fountain of Sun (A monument in praise of Sun) by Ali Ettehad White marmarait, stone, digital photo print, electronic machinery and water 81x44x44 cm executed 2021-20221/1 + 1 AP The Fountain of Sun, as the name suggests, is an artwork in praise of the sun. Stone cisterns are symbolic


Heirs of Saffron and Salt

Heirs of Saffron and Salt is a documentary series researched and directed by Ali Ettehad. This series is a visual ethnographic project with the goal to preserve and showcase in high video quality the performative and musical heritage of the greater Iran, including but not limited to the current political borders or Iran and many neighboring regions.

Visual Arts

The Words

“The words” is about a spiritual journey. It is talking about an unconscious process; an institutional quest.


Street Fighting Man

Based in Tehran, Ali Ettehad is an artist and curator. Along with his wife, Nikoo Tarkhani (an artist as well), he has been at the forefront of performance art in Iran, and is also one of the better-known names in the country’s contemporary art scene in general. Together, this artist power-couple performs in Tehran, curates exhibitions and performance art series, hosts seminars, and produces films, among other things.