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Ali Ettehad is a director, writer, visual and performing artist. He is also an art critic whose articles have been published in many international newspapers and magazines.

Ettehad’s main body of works is RAZVARZI series (from 2007 till now) including video-art, digital media, book, installation, performance art, theater, music and film.
His works are mostly research based and focused on the middle-eastern mysticism and old Persian philosophy. One can find different symbols and elements that come from mythological realm of middle-east in Ali Ettehad’s oeuvre; from Mesopotamia to Cashmere.


Heirs of Saffron and Salt

Heirs of Saffron and Salt is a documentary series researched and directed by Ali Ettehad. This series is a visual ethnographic project with the goal to preserve and showcase in high video quality the performative and musical heritage of the greater Iran, including but not limited to the current political borders or Iran and many neighboring regions.

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Digital painting, digital print of textile “Whence doth the good commence? Where lays the border separating the observer I and the subject of Evil? Till when will thine celestial headsprings seethe? Wherefore is my wickedness eternal? Who made thy purdahs? Who was the one who made my image? Up to where will my steps, bare or with leggings, come towards thee and up to where back towards me?”    “pardeh” refers to different meanings in Farsi; it could be interpreted as

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Digital painting, Photo Print, 2011   Iranian plateau is warm and dry, with scalding hot, waterless, barren deserts, very few seasonal rainfall and lots of long-term droughts. Its rivers flow into deserts, swamps, and into salt-marshes and salt-water lakes; therefore, with water being scarce, life was formed around the few fresh-water springs. As the time passes, and the population around the spring grows, the need for a force to ration the scarce water rises; a powerful force, a strong arm, the

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Digital painting, print on textile, 2012 – 2020 Old Iranian miniatures, are often filled with men and women and horses; Women, men and horses are side by side, facing each other, intertwined, fighting, traveling, dancing and rejoicing. For example, look at this painting, it is filled with men and women playing and dancing, royal cupbearers, soldiers and harem women all over it. At the top of the image and slightly tilted to the right Sultan Husayn Bayqara is sitting on the

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