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Ali Ettehad is a director, writer, visual and performing artist. He is also an art critic whose articles have been published in many international newspapers and magazines.

Ettehad’s main body of works is RAZVARZI series (from 2007 till now) including video-art, digital media, book, installation, performance art, theater, music and film.
His works are mostly research based and focused on the middle-eastern mysticism and old Persian philosophy. One can find different symbols and elements that come from mythological realm of middle-east in Ali Ettehad’s oeuvre; from Mesopotamia to Cashmere.


Heirs of Saffron and Salt

Heirs of Saffron and Salt is a documentary series researched and directed by Ali Ettehad. This series is a visual ethnographic project with the goal to preserve and showcase in high video quality the performative and musical heritage of the greater Iran, including but not limited to the current political borders or Iran and many neighboring regions.

The Last Verses of the Poem

a video-installation by Ali Ettehad 

There are several rows of “small trees in pots” on the stage. The light on some of the trees shines more and the trees in the end of the stage have less light shining on them. A video is projecting on the wall at the end of the stage. The video contains the performance of an actress walking among similar trees. She talks to the leaves and branches of plants and wipes the leaves with a

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In praise of words

This work is a piece of performance art, consisting of 15 young male and female performers who are located in different parts of a Persian garden. They are wearing similar outfits and are sitting, standing or lying alone or in groups of two. Each of them has a booklet and a bell. All of the performers are dressed in a similar outfit. Some performers are dual and some are sitting, standing or lying alone. As soon as an audience passes by one of them, the performer rings

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In The Looking Glass

In The Looking Glass

A video-art piece from “The Journey” series  “In The Looking Glass” is a video-art about the unity of the object with its own image in the mirror; Humanity’s long-standing and perhaps impossible desire to become one with its external image; An image that is not distorted by language. In The Looking GlassA video-art by Ali Ettehad  with: Berkeh BazriMehrangiz (Giz) Tahaei  Music: Navid Afghah “Myths” from the album “The Temple of wooden figures” camera: Ali Ettehad and Shayan Kianiedit: Ali Ettehad VFX: Anahita Art Studio  Duration:

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seven journeys of initiation - Ali Ettehad - 2021


A video-art piece from “The Journey” series The video-art “Seven Journeys of Initiation” depicts the human effort to understand the mandala and shows the boundary between the artificial reality of the mind and the world around us. In all the video-arts of “the Journey” series, the main character of the narrative, the seeker, is represented with several internal characters and her internal aspects are externalized. In this way, we do not face multiple characters in any of these videos; Rather, it

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