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Performing Arts

In praise of words

A performance art piecewritten and directed by Ali EttehadWhit 366 Performing Arts Group 2021   This work is a performance art piece, consisting of fifteen young male and female performers who are located in different parts of a Persian garden. They are wearing similar outfits and are sitting, standing or lying alone or in groups

seven journeys of initiation - Ali Ettehad - 2021
Visual Arts


A video-art piece from “The Journey” series The video-art “Seven Journeys of Initiation” depicts the human effort to understand the mandala and shows the boundary between the artificial reality of the mind and the world around us. In all the video-arts of “the Journey” series, the main character of the

Performing Arts


Bushasp Podcast, an audio theater by Ali Ettehad
With collaboration of 366 Performing Arts Group

Performing Arts

The Endless Maze of Memory

The Endless Maze of Memory is a theatrical event that consists of ten parts. Despite their independence from each other, these ten episodes together form a single show.