The Last Verses of the Poem

a video-installation by Ali Ettehad

There are several rows of “small trees in pots” on the stage. The light on some of the trees shines more and the trees in the end of the stage have less light shining on them. A video is projecting on the wall at the end of the stage. The video contains the performance of an actress walking among similar trees. She talks to the leaves and branches of plants and wipes the leaves with a small piece of tissue. Music and poetry are being played in the space.
A Male narrator reads a poem about his romantic relationship with someone in prison. He caresses the cheeks of her beloved who is in captivity. He keeps his lover in comfort. He kisses his Lover .He brings Light to his Lover, And prepares something for her to drink in order to quench her thirst.  The pots are getting narrower every day and the roots are finding less room to escape.

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