The Last verses of the poem

A video-Installation
by Ali Ettehad
Performed by Berkeh Bazri

“The Last verses of the poem” is a video-installation about humans’ relationship with nature and more than that with themselves. It is about how we confine each other to the small prisons we make. This video-installation, as its name implies, depicts a poetic connection between “I” and “the other”.
We acquire our identity from the “other” and then slowly build small golden cages for each other. We build a cage for the “other” and then, without knowing it, we build a cage for the “self”; Because this “self” is derived from the “other”!
Our relationship with the nature around has the same attitude. We look at nature, we admire it, we love it, we surround it, we exploit it, we cage for it, and we end up destroying it.
“The Last verses of the poem” is about the different levels of this relationship.

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