Songs of Gatha

Songs of Gatha is the name of a performance-art piece that was performed in an ancient site in the heights of Alborz mountains. Kongelo Castle is part of the architectural heritage of the Sassanid era. This castle is located at an altitude of 1810 meters above sea level. The mountain on which the castle is built is in the shape of a lion. The castle is located on the head of a lion and is like a crown. The lion is the ancient symbol of the kingdoms of Iran.

In this performance, the performer performed parts of the Zoroastrian sacred text (Gathas) with a Thunder Drum instrument. The performance was performed in foggy weather in front of the castle. The performer played the hymn inside the resonator box and the performer’s voice came out of the instrument. The performer played it simultaneously as he sang on the instrument, and the combination of the percussion instrument’s sound and the vocals heard inside the instrument formed the background of the work. With the performer’s breath, steam came out of the resonator box. Two hundred people were brought to this height by bus in the form of a one-day tour.

This performance is performed in Avestan language.
Read the hymn of the Ghats below:

Unto you, O Creator, the Soul of Mother Earth complained thus: Wherefore did you create me? Who gave life to me? Anger, rapine, outrage, blunder, aggression and violence are everywhere. There is no protector for me, except Thee. Therefore, reveal to me a savior who could show me a way out of this difficulty.

– Gatha, Ahunavadgah, Hat 29, Verse 1-

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