Glass-Box III

The “glass box” was a series that was displayed in the public space of Tehran for a year (2018 – 2019). This project was implemented in collaboration with “Fereshteh Gallery” of Tehran. Each piece of this collection dealt with a part of Persian literature. The first part began with “One Thousand and One Nights” and the next parts were dedicated to one of the contemporary Iranian poets.

The third part of this installation was dedicated to a poem by Ahmad Shamlou. This inclusive poem can be considered as his poetic testament. This poem is about death; Or, to be more precise, about man’s encounter with the end of his life. In one sentence of this long poem, there is a conversation about a door that must be crossed, and before passing through this door, the poet speaks from the mirror in which we look at ourselves. It is as if we are contemplating our own history in this mirror.
In this installation, a part of this poem is placed on a tall mirror using a cut mirror. Next to the mirror, there is an empty chair with its bases sunk into the sand. Passers-by passing by the installation heard the sound of music and the sound of Shamlou reciting this long poem.

Fliers design by Ashkan Galedari (AG Studio)

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