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Visual Arts

The Last Verses of the Poem

a video-installation by Ali Ettehad 

There are several rows of “small trees in pots” on the stage. The light on some of the trees shines more and the trees in the end of the stage have less light shining on them. A video is projecting on the wall at the

Visual Arts

The Last verses of the poem

“The Last verses of the poem” is a video-installation about humans’ relationship with nature and more than that with themselves

Visual Arts


he video-art piece “Enso” is about the relationship between the sacred matter and nature. About the life cycles through which we perceive the world around us and ultimately create humanity as we understand it today.

Performing Arts

The Three hundred and sixty-sixth Night

“The 366th Night” project is the continuation of an almost long-term research project on the matter of “Dream”. Dream means the experience of night- mare and more specific the experience of Unpleasant dreams. The Project started in 2015. At first it was a research on pre-existing written words, books and